Why Choose a WallyBed for Your Pet?

There is just something about a WallyBed!

Because your pet will love and enjoy WallyBed! Usually when a customer provides a WallyBed for their beloved dog, or cat, they are really impressed with the interested reaction they see from their pet. When we say “Pets Love WallyBeds” we don’t just think it, we know it, from customer feed back!

Over the years, we have proudly received many wonderful comments from owners, along with photos of their pets on WallyBeds. We like to say that our “Satisfied Customers” are really the pets themselves.  Our photos are all of actual pets who love their WallyBed.

WallyBeds have stood the test of time and are satisfying to both pets and their owners. Most people who purchase a WallyBed have become repeat customers, and enthusiastically refer new customers to us. Let your pet experience the joy of a WallyBed!

All WallyBeds are guaranteed for manufacture workmanship for up to a year, and are made with top quality, non-allergenic polyester filler. They are completely machine washable and low-heat machine dryable.

WallyBed™ Customer Satisfaction Ratings( 1 to 5 )

  • Softnessgold paws
  • Durabilitygold paws
  • Ease of Travelgold paws
  • Warmth and Comfortgold paws
  • Calming Soothing Effectgold paws
  • Ease of Washing and Dryinggold paws


Why is WallyBed the Best Bed for Your Pet?

  • Comfort & Security – WallyBed is more than just a pet bed, it provides a lifestyle of comfort and security. You will actually “see your pet experience the enjoyment” of WallyBed.
  • Money Savings – You get your money’s worth with a WallyBed. They last washing after washing, long after other, less quality, beds have disintegrated.
  • Attracts Pets – Dogs & cats are attracted to WallyBed, and they will actually use WallyBed! Tired of spending money on pet beds your dog and cat won’t use? Many customers find it hard to believe how much their pets are attracted to WallyBed.
  • Durable – WallyBeds are individually handmade with quality materials, and sewn for durability.
  • Easy To Wash – Self-contained, there is NO ZIPPER, or cover to remove before machine washing and drying. (With other beds, the cover is usually the only part that is washable, but good luck trying to get the cover back on)  As the demand for larger WallyBeds increased, we created the wonderful and popular, WallyBed Duvet, which does have a removable cover.  Both cover and pillow part can be washed and dried separately, thereby splitting up the bulk of the size.  No other pet bed is so easy to wash and dry as a WallyBed while retaining it’s snuggle appeal.
  • Odor and Parasite Control – Because you can repeatedly wash your WallyBed, you can easily control odors and fleas. Dogs and cats really love their beds to be clean!
  • Parasite Control – Because WallyBed is so easy to wash, re-infestation of your pet’s bed will be a thing of the past.

Always look for the WallyBed™ Trademark and the WallyBed™ Product Tag.
Your pet will love you more for it!