Duvet Covered


(removable cover) Being able to remove the cover to wash helps split up the bulk of the bed and makes even our larger WallyBeds able to be washed and dried at home, in most large capacity washers.

Unlike other beds, the liner which contains the filler in WallyBed is made with a quality muslin material that is fully able to be washed and dried by machine. WallyBed Duvet has an easy to open Velcro-type closure which makes the covers easier to take on and off, than a pillow case on a pillow.


Suggested Weights for Style Sizes


29×29 up to 25 lbs

35×35 up to 50 lbs

40×40 up to 80 lbs

45×45 up to 100 lbs


25×35 up to 25 lbs

30×45 up to 50 lbs

35×45 up to 80 lbs

*Weights are approximate for all WALLYBED styles and sizes

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