The WallyBed Story

Yes, there really was a dog named Wally!
wally the dog

In 1991, out of the frustration from purchasing pet beds for our family dog, Wally, the idea for a practical and durable bed was born. I was very tired of wasting money on pet beds that deteriorated in the wash, and I never brought home a bed that our cat, Snowflake, would use.

kitty in clouds
Won’t you give your pet a chance to experience “Heaven on Earth”, too?

Beginning with the first beds I made, I never dreamed of such a response from my pets! Wally truly demonstrated how much a dog could love, and have a need for a comfortable bed, to such an extent that, soon, I was making pet beds, by request, for family and friends. The attraction to this “cozy bed” concept was the same with both dogs and cats alike. It seemed that all pets were attracted to this pet bed, now known as WallyBed. Seeing, and knowing, the enjoyment pets have on a WallyBed, inspired a mission to make these soft and soothing beds available to all pets who are so deserving of security and comfort.

Over time, we have developed a variety of styles and sizes of WallyBeds to make sure that all pets (from the smallest to the largest) have the best bed suited for their needs. Dogs are visibly soothed, totally comfortable, and enjoy having their own “place to be”. Cats, even especially picky cats, are noticeably attracted to WallyBed, which has a furry reminder of their mother. The ease of washing, and durability, has made WallyBed the preferred pet bed for owners.

Out of the enthusiastic and loyal following of WallyBed from pets and their owners, the Term “WallyBed Lifestyle” has been coined. This lifestyle describes the improved quality of life that pets experience with their own WallyBed. Won’t you give your pet a chance to experience “heaven on earth”? Order a WallyBed for your pet today.

Maxine Scott – Creator