What You Should Know About Pet Beds

Are all pet beds the same? Absolutely Not!

The most important thing in your pet’s life is having a clean, comfortable and secure place to sleep and rest. What your pet sleeps on can make the difference between a contented, healthy pet, and a pet that is uncomfortable, and irritated with health problems, caused by the fillers and fabrics used in some commercial beds.

Did you know that there can be pet bed related health problems?

  • Allergies – Can be caused by beds that are made with cedar chips. A lot of people believe that cedar chips help keep away the fleas. But a thoroughly washed bed is what is really needed.
  • Chronic Pain – Dogs with Hip Dysplasia and pets with Arthritis should have a comfortable, supportive bed. Foam “egg crate” bed types, usually sold for these purposes, are too stiff to allow pets to get into a natural, comfortable position.  WallyBed Pet Beds will conform to your pet’s natural nesting instinct.
  • Chronic Sickness – Your pet’s unclean bed can cause and perpetuate health problems that include many microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Parasites – Beds that cannot be fully washed, only by removing a cover to wash, can become breeding grounds for extremely harmful parasites and fleas.
  • Odor – If all parts of your pet’s bed cannot be washed regularly, it will have a strong “doggy” odor, and so will your house and pet.

A  thoroughly clean pet bed is very important to your pet’s overall health and happiness. When you love your pet like a family member, you will receive so much pleasure from providing a special, secure, and comfortable bed, where your pet will absolutely love to rest. That special bed is a WallyBed.