Washing Instructions

 WASHING A WALLYBED COULDN’T BE EASIER!  WallyBed Pet Products are durable and designed with ease of washing and drying in mind.  For best results, follow these washing and drying instructions for all styles of WallyBeds, Throws, and Crate Pads.  It is preferable to use cool, or slightly warm, water when washing, and the gentle cycle of your dryer.  A second rinse with UNSCENTED liquid fabric softener helps to keep the fabrics soft, and static free. IT IS BEST FOR YOUR PET THAT YOU USE UNSCENTED LAUNDRY DETERGENT AND UNSCENTED LIQUID FABRIC SOFTENER.  Some of the highly scented detergents and softeners are irritating to pets that may have allergies to perfumes.

All parts of WALLYBEDS are totally washable and can be dried in your dryer. THERE IS NO COVER TO REMOVE ON WALLYBEDS. The only exception is our Duvet Style, which has a removable cover to wash separately from the liner, for washing convenience. Duvet WallyBeds are our larger beds, and being able to split up the load makes them able to handle in your large capacity washers at home.

PILLOW STYLE WALLYBEDS  and WALK-IN WALLYBEDS are simply placed, or scrunched, depending on the size, into the washer. Instructions: Use cool or warm water, with a gentle agitation setting. For the softest bed, use liquid fabric softener with a second rinse. Pull out of washer (sometimes you have to with larger beds) and place in the dryer. Use the coolest setting and check every 10 to 15 minutes. BE SURE TO NOT OVER DRY. Pets love their clean WallyBeds.  Rearrange the filler in the pillow between your hands to restore to original shape.

ROUND, RECTANGLE, AND OVAL WALLYBEDS, with sides, are made with a removable pillow for washing ease.  The pillow insert is placed directly into the washer. When the rim of the bed needs washing, simply collapse the rim of the circle onto itself and place around the agitator, if that is the type of machine you have.  For front and top loading machines, just put WallyBeds n.   Follow the same instructions for washing and drying as the Standard and Crate WallyBeds.  Rearrange the filler in the pillow part between your hands to restore to original shape.

HOODED WALLYBEDS, are made in one piece, but are reversible.  To wash, turn the bed inside out and place in the washer with the hood part away from the agitator, if that is the type machine you have. For front and top loading machines, just put Hooded WallyBeds in.  Follow the same instructions as the Standard & Crate shaped PILLOW STYLE WALLYBEDS. Dry the Hooded WallyBed first for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, then turn the bed inside-out again to finish drying. (The purpose of turning the bed is to completely dry the bed inside, without having to over dry it.)

DUVET WALLYBED is a two part bed.  The cover has a Velcro-type flap opening at one end to remove the cover. Be sure to close the flap against itself before washing to protect the hook and loop tape from collecting unnecessary fibers. The Duvet liner is made of a durable muslin can be scrunched in the washer like a big comforter. Follow the same washing and drying instructions as the Standard & Crate Pillow Style WallyBeds. The liner of the WallyBed is easily loaded into the cover by shaking it in like a pillow, then gently and smoothly sealing the flap shut by hand.

THROWS, AND CRATE PADS.  Simply machine wash with cool water, and dry on lowest setting.  A second rinse with unscented liquid fabric softener makes them softer, and reduces static in winter months.

NOTE: WallyBeds are made with synthetic acrylic materials, 100% polyester, or cotton materials. DO NOT USE BLEACH PRODUCTS IN YOUR WASH. Our Beds are filled with the top quality, 100% polyester, non-allergenic, fiber filler. Good materials equal good washing results. If you follow our washing and drying instructions, your WallyBed should give you and your pet years of good use.

*There is some shedding of acrylic faux furs in the washer and dryer, similar to towel materials.  It will diminish over time with washing and drying, but never completely.  Be sure to always clean out the lent catcher after drying.   The Minky fabrics are 100% polyester and do not shed.