WallyBed Pet Beds give a comforting & comfortable lifestyle for your pet! What do our customers think?

Here you will find a few of the many testimonials that our customers have sent us over the years. Take a few minutes to check out what these happy customers and pets think about their WallyBeds. We are confident that you and your pet will be just as happy too!

“I purchased my WallyBed from Highland Pet Supply in Atlanta, Georgia, and you must know that this is the FIRST and ONLY bed my dogs have NOT chewed up. They don’t even try. All they want to do is sleep and snuggle in it. They must have elevated it somehow to a level of “sacred space” since they don’t ruin it. I am sooooo pleased with the bed and will recommend it to everyone! My lab would like to sleep in it (and she fits) too, but the dachshunds aren’t out of it long enough for her to sneak in. The other interesting thing is, since we got the bed, they prefer to sleep in IT instead of in the bed with us, at least for the first several hours of the night, so we are getting much better night sleeps too!”
Jan – Atlanta, GA

“When I was writing the book The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in North America, I was careful to recommend only a very few products that I felt were truly outstanding. The only beds I recommended for Cavaliers, and still do to this day, are WallyBeds. It is not an uncommon sight in our house to see half a dozen Cavaliers all cuddled up to each other in the middle of a large WallyBed, making “Cavalier Pie.” The dogs love WallyBeds because they’re so comforting, and I love them because they are durable and easy to wash. What could be better?!”
Barbara Garnett-Smith Wilson

“My shar-pei, Raisin fell in love with her first WallyBed about three years ago. We went in to a pet store and the next thing I knew – there was Raisin up on a display laying in a WallyBed. She didn’t want to get out of it – so we ended up buying it for her. That was when we lived in California. We now live in Pennsylvania. I have since bought her 7 or 8 WallyBeds! Some I have bought simply as replacements – because I gave away her current bed to a less fortunate dog who also fell in love with the WallyBed. Others I bought because Raisin requires three WallyBeds – one in the bedroom, one in the Family Room, and one under my office desk so she can “rest” while I work. I am about to order her a couple of new ones – because two of her beds are going to dogs of friends. We always buy Cheetah – of course. Here is a photo of Raisin doing what she does best – resting in her WallyBed!
Thank you for WallyBeds. They ARE the best!”
Donna Pedersen – Pennsylvania

“The WallyBed is making such a difference for our 6 year old Greyhound, Christoffe. He has always whimpered or yelped at night on his makeshift bed, but last night was his first night on a WallyBed and NOT ONE WHIMPER! I can’t believe it. Of course he is still on MSM, Glucosamine, Vitamin C, etc., but I am just wowed by the difference that the WallyBed made.”

“I purchased a Wally bed for my rescue Cavalier, Cooper, several years ago and he has always loved his bed. Recently, we adopted Nami the calico cat, and you can see how she now wants a piece of the action! They often sleep together and are the best of “siblings”. Thank you for a sturdy and comfy bed that has lasted four years so far!”

” About a month ago I bought a hooded bed for my crippled cat. He was born that way. I stumbled into your website and read the specs and was hooked on the concept. My cat spends most of his day, especially in the winter months under my blankets. I ordered a hooded bed that matches his markings, the Jersey cow black and white . Unfortunately it was too small. I am not returning it because my sister is a veternarian and has more cats than I can count. So I ordered another, but two sizes up. So I have had it for a couple of days, and he wouldn’t risk it. Well, today out of desperation, I grabbed him and quite literally stuffed him in backwards. It is plenty big enough for him. Now, true to your website, he won’t come out. He has been on the floor in the middle of my living room for about 2 hours, and I see no indication that he intends to come out. When I get close I can hear him purring. I am already pleased with the results. My cat thanks you and so do I.”

Phillip Vukovich