Wallylicious Pet Beds


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Wallylicious WallyBeds are both elegant looking and durable. Soft-sided, and flexible, they give both dogs and cats a soft and soothing place to rest, and hang out. They are fully machine washable and dryable, with no cover to remove, as are all of our other WallyBed styles.

  • Top-quality minky fabrics, with AMPLE down quality polyester filler, used.
  • Double-stitched for durability.
  • Travels and packs easily, when on the go with your pet.
  • Proud to say, all WallyBeds are made in USA!

Sizes available:

  • 20” across top diameter (up to 15 lb. dog)
  • 23” across top diameter  (up to 20 lb. dog)
  • 27” across top diameter   (up to 35 lb. dog)
  • 30” across top diameter   (up to 40 lb. dog)
  • 33″x40″ Rectangle, across the top (up to 40 lb.)

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Minky Amber Wolf, Minky Antique Rose, Minky Cheetahlicious, Minky Copper Wolf, Minky Cow Dusty Black, Minky Cow Dusty Brown, Minky Cream Cheetah, Minky Deluxe Rabbit Greige, Minky Deluxe Rabbit Pewter, Minky Fancy Fawn Beige, Minky Fancy Fawn Pink, Minky Faux Rabbit Brown, Minky Faux Rabbit Cream, Minky Faux Rabbit Grey, Minky Forest Wolf, Minky Heathered Pastel Taupe, Minky Koala Aquafur, Minky Koala Brown, Minky Koala Gray, Minky Mountain Wolf, Minky Night Hawk, Minky Safari, Minky Sandstone, Minky Seascape, Minky Silver Wolf, Minky Snow Lynx, Minky Snow White, Minky Spotted Owl, Minky Tawny Lynx, Minky Total Eclipse, Minky Vanilla Llama, Minky White Tail Fawn


20, 23, 26×33, 33×40, 23×30, 27, 30