WallyBed Throw


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Perfect for couch, bed or chair protection from pet hair. Same Acrylic fur on both sides for both beauty and durability. Machine wash/dry.

Throws are only available in ANIMAL PRINTS, PLUSH SEAL FURS and MINKY FAUX RABBIT (smallest sizes only).

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Animal Black Cow, Animal Brown Cow, Animal Brown Lynx, Animal Cheetah, Animal Giraffe, Animal Gray Lynx, Animal Leopard, Animal Zebra, Minky Amber Wolf, Minky Antique Rose, Minky Faux Amber Wolf, Minky Faux Rabbit Beige, Minky Faux Rabbit Brown, Minky Faux Rabbit Cream, Minky Faux Rabbit Grey, Minky Faux Rabbit Taupe, Minky Mountain Wolf, Minky Safari, Minky Seascape, Minky Silver Wolf, Minky Total Eclipse, Plush Butterscotch, Plush Coffee Brown, Plush Midnight Black, Plush Smoky Gray, Plush Snow White


44×60, 50×60, 50×90


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