Round with Sides Walk-in


Walk-in WallyBed was created with pets in mind, who may have physical limitations getting into our Round WallyBeds with Sides.

The pillow part is sewn to the rim part, and cannot be kicked out. The total bed is machine washable and dryable, without removing the cover.

As with our other WallyBed styles, this is ultra soft and pleasing to pets.

The pillow interior is removable for easier washing and drying of both the pillow and the rim of the bed.

Pets love to rest their chins on the sides for sleeping, or just watching what?s going on. Follow the suggested weight of the pet for the correct size. When in doubt, choose the larger bed.


Suggested Weights for Style Sizes


18 up to 15 lbs

21 up to 21 lbs

24 up to 30 lbs

*Weights are approximate for all WALLYBED styles and sizes

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