Rectangular with Sides


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Popular use for inside crates. Gives a feeling of security for pets, and a soft rim for chin propping. Has removable inner cushion for ease in washing both parts. All parts of all WallyBeds are fully washable. NO ZIPPERS.

For larger sizes than offered here, view our WallyBed Duvet style beds with removable covers, making even the larger sizes able to be washed and dried in large capacity home machines. (Both cover and pillow insert are completely washable.)

Suggested Weights for Style Sizes


10×17 up to 7 lbs

13×20 up to 10 lbs

16×23 up to 14 lbs

19×26 up to 20 lbs

*Weights are approximate for all WALLYBED styles and sizes

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10×17, 13×20, 16×23, 19×26, 23×30