Rectangular Pillow Style Faux Fur

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14x20 size 17x24 size 20x27 size 25x35 size 30x45 size

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*Prices vary depending on fabric type and item size.

Product Information

Choose rectangular shaped WallyBeds when the intended use is for a carrier, crate, or special area. Our sizing fits most major brand carriers and crates. When choosing the proper size, be sure the width of the WallyBed is MORE than the carrier or crate. WallyBeds are very shapeable, so scrunching a longer size into the carrier or crate, just makes it more cozy for the pet. Follow the suggested weight of the pet for correct size.

29×29, 35×35, 25×35, and 30×45 sizes are available in Duvet style. View our WallyBed Duvet style beds with removable covers, making even the larger sizes able to be washed and dried in large capacity home machines. (Both cover and pillow insert are completely washable.)

Suggested Weights for Style Sizes

14×20 up to 8 lbs
17×24 up to 12 lbs
20×27 up to 16 lbs
25×35 up to 25 lbs
30×45 up to 50 lbs

*Weights are approximate for all WALLYBED™ styles and sizes